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Family Justice Resource Center



The Family Justice Resource Center is a place to turn for families facing medically-based wrongful allegations of child abuse or neglect.

Our services ensure that child welfare investigations adhere to due process and evidence-based medicine. When valuable state resources are misallocated towards pursuing wrongful allegations, children who are actually victims of abuse are left even more vulnerable. 
We seek to increase the accuracy of these investigations by:

  • Referring families to experienced legal counsel

  • Referring families to independent medical experts with the board-certified expertise necessary to differentiate between findings associated with child abuse, birth injuries, underlying medical conditions, and accidental injuries

  • Serving as a liaison between families and medical experts under the direction of each client's legal counsel

  • Educating attorneys, healthcare providers, and the public about the prevalence of medically-based wrongful allegations of abuse, and the impact of such allegations on children and parents

  • Advocating for child welfare policies and practices that advance the exoneration of innocent parents and protect families from wrongful separation

Happy Family

Are you facing a wrongful allegation of child abuse?


Children need to live with and be raised by the people who love them the most. If child welfare authorities become involved with a family, children need a fair system that protects them from mistaken assumptions.

The FJRC works with the child welfare system to protect children from the grievous harm that comes when innocent, loving parents are wrongly accused of abuse and neglect. Wrongful allegations have devastating effects on children, families, and society:

  • Children are traumatized, sometimes permanently, by child welfare system investigations, surveillance, and removal from loving homes. Even short-term removal can result in lifelong trauma and attachment issues.

  • In addition, to being wrongly separated from their children, families often face the loss of employment, extreme legal costs, and loss of public standing.

  • Child welfare resources are wasted on wrongful allegations, resulting in fewer financial and human resources dedicated to investigating cases of actual abuse and neglect.

  • As the public has become more aware of the prevalence of wrongful allegations, there has been a general loss of faith in the child welfare system.


We need your help protecting children and families!

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