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This archive of news articles includes publications that discuss wrongful allegations of child abuse or neglect, medical conditions that present as symptoms of abuse, news regarding child protective services, policy changes, stories about reunification, events and other topics. For any content-related inquiries or suggestions regarding articles in this archive, contact us here


7 Investigates: A Cause for Concern

They say the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families traumatized their family by taking their kids in the middle of the night.

Dan Hausle

7 News WHDH


American city sued for stealing children in middle-of-night raid

'Parents should be able to sleep without wondering if the government is going to take their kids'

Bob Unruh



Massachusetts took their kids. Now they are fighting to protect parents’ rights

In July 2022, Josh and Sarah found themselves living out every parent’s worst nightmare.

Brittany Hunter

Pacific Legal Foundation


‘Legalized kidnapping’: Family sues after their kids were taken in the middle of the night by state child welfare agents and police

A Massachusetts couple have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against state child protective services agents and local police officers over the removal of their children from their home in July 2022.

Colin Kalmbacher



'Reprehensible and Plainly Unconstitutional': Child Welfare Agents Took Their Kids. Now They're Suing.

Even though a family pediatrician said she had "zero concerns," child welfare services still seized Josh Sabey's and Sarah Perkins' two young children. It took four months for the couple to regain custody.

Emma Camp



Family sues Massachusetts DCF, Waltham after kids taken in middle of the night

It was 1 a.m. on Saturday, July 16, 2022, when Waltham Police and employees from the Department of Children and Families showed up to the Sabey home without a warrant to take the kids into custody.

Kristina Rex

CBS News Boston


When the system to protect children itself abuses families

Sarah Perkins and Joshua Sabey know how lucky they are, though you would never use the word “lucky” given what they’ve been through.

Yvonne Abraham

Boston Globe Today


Couple sues DCF, Waltham officials for removing kids from home without warrant

A couple is suing the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families and Waltham police and city officials alleging civil rights violations after their children were removed from their Waltham home last year without a warrant amid suspicion of child abuse.

Litsa Pappas and Maria Papadopoulos

Yahoo! News


Parents who had children taken from home sue City of Waltham, police, DCF workers

Sarah Perkins and Joshua Sabey allege their civil rights were violated when their two young sons were taken from their Waltham home in the middle of the night last July.

Ross Cristantiello


Waltham Police, MA DCF Target Of Lawsuit From Former Waltham Family

The lawsuit accuses four Waltham officers and four Department of Children and Families employees of violating the couple's civil rights.

Montana Samuels





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