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The Family Justice Resource Center strives to ensure child-abuse investigations are rooted in due-process and evidence-based medicine. Following a rigorous screening process, we provide resources to clients navigating allegations of child abuse resulting from birth injuries, medical conditions, and accidental injuries. If you are seeking assistance with your case, please complete the corresponding form below to connect with our team.

If you believe you are facing a wrongful allegation of child abuse or neglect due to a birth injury, medical condition or accidental injury, submit a request for assistance here.

If you are an attorney seeking medical resources for a medically-based allegation of child abuse or neglect against your client, please contact us here.

If you are seeking to directly assist a family member or close friend who you believe has been wrongly accused of medically-based child abuse or neglect, you may contact us here.



Once you've submitted the intake form, we carefully screen requests to determine eligibility. Case acceptance is not guaranteed, and all cases must meet our criteria for intake. We assess requests for assistance based on their merit and in accordance with our available resources. We reserve the right to accept or reject cases based on current caseload, situations with factors outside of our scope, or as we see fit. There is no charge for our services. All responses are kept strictly confidential.

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Our simple model helps rid the child protection system of wrongful allegations that prevent valuable state resources from being used to protect children who are actually victims of abuse. By facilitating access to legal and medical resources, we protect all children from harm, whether that harm comes from an abusive guardian or the devastating impacts of a wrongful family separation.


If your case does not meet our criteria for intake or you need immediate information, we have several resources available that may be useful for navigating your allegation.

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