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Stand with Families - Central Illinois

We held our event Stand with Families on October 6, 2019 in downtown Peoria. The featured speakers were Colin White, a retired state trooper and grandfather, and Doug Parrott, a bank president and grandfather. Both the White and Parrott families went through wrongful allegations of abuse due to metabolic bone disease. The event was covered by WEEK News 25. To see the news segment click here.

Special thanks to our sponsors:


Colin & Debra White

Doug & Karin Parrot


Attorney Louis Milot

Randy Crady

Drs. Ed Luan & Jill Birkholz


Attorney Diane Redleaf


Attorney Pete Dluski

Sheryl Grider Whitehurst with RE/MAX Traders Unlimited

Russ & Cindy White

Paul & Kara Grove

Attorney Tim McCarthy


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