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Additional Reading & Resources

In addition to the citations in this toolkit, a vast literature exists concerning the health care system, the child welfare system, and the law enforcement system. Links to articles and other resources pertinent to this call to action are included below. You can suggest additional resources for us to include by contacting us here.






Articles Related to the Kowalski Case

Note: media accounts regarding Dr. Sally Smith did not start with the Maya Kowalski case, see also:

Articles and Reports Related to CAP Practices & the Health Care System

Articles Describing Best Practices/Use of Child Abuse Pediatrics

  • Christian, C., “The Evaluation of Suspected Child Abuse,” Pediatrics, May 2015 (American Academy of Pediatrics)

  • Leventhal, J.. “Personal Practice: Thinking Clearly About Child Abuse Pediatrics”
    Written by the leading child abuse pediatrician who recommends the accurate identification of CAPs to families when meeting them in a hospital setting.

  • National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions, “Defining the Hospital Role in Child Maltreatment,” (2nd Edition). 

  • National Children’s Alliance Annual Reports 

Articles Raising Concerns About CAP Practices


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